main idea: Occurrences happen in our past through connection points that we don’t realize.

In the latest installment of the Men in Black series, there’s a running genre of questions, “Why did it happen like that?” For Agent J (played by Will Smith), he keeps asking his partner Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones) how did he become such an impersonal, seemingly-unfeeling person? Also, a teaser question for Agent J is his perception that his father was never around because he didn’t care. Through the course of the movie, we realize that both of these questions are tied into one moment when Agent J’s dad is shot dead by a hostile alien who ultimately is killed by Agent K. All of a sudden, what seem to be unconnected trails of thought converge and everything makes sense.

In our life journeys, there are many times when we look back and we’re not sure why things happen that way. We sometimes try to find out (sometimes to no avail). Yet God reminds us that even though we don’t know the answer, he knows the big picture. He sees how all the different contexts connect to each other, how sometimes one unseemingly unrelated event may actually impact another. Only till later do we actually step back and see the connection point; God saw it all along.