main idea: You fulfill your life purpose/calling when you see it fit into the big picture.

In this newest rendition of The Amazing Spiderman, Peter Parker’s (played by Andrew Garfield) super powers don’t come from coincidence, but rather through a history that started with his father. At first, with his powers, his attention is to avenge the death of his uncle by trying to find the murderer. However, after saving a boy from a car dangling on a bridge, he realizes that the purpose of his powers isn’t for his own vengeance, but rather to defend the innocent. He realizes that it is his responsibility to do so.

Scripture reminds us that God has gifted each Christian with certain abilities (typically called spiritual gifts). These gifts aren’t meant to be used for the person’s own gain, but rather as a part in God’s greater plan in redeeming humanity. It is when we realize that our responsibility with our gifts is for a bigger picture that they can be used to their fullest potential.