main idea: Those who matter the most to you are the ones who you are willing to die for.

In this latest instalment of the Ice Age series, Peaches is now grown into a teenager (always interesting how many stories tend to go from the birth of a child straight into them as a teen in a sequel) and has her best buddy Louis. She’s trying to fit into the “in crowd” while her overprotective father Manny tries to reel her in. However, with the continent itself splitting up, they get separated and the journey back home begins. Near the end of the movie, several people show what they are willing to give up for those they care about the most: Louis in trying to save Peaches, Manny saving Ellie and Shira saving Diego. In the end, they were willing to risk their lives for those they loved the most.

Scripture tells us this is how Jesus sees us. He gave up all that he had (his glory, his “riches”, all that was considered successful) for the “joy set before him” i.e. us. So, even though we didn’t do anything to deserve it, he risked all he had, even to the point of death, in order to help restore us back to the Father. He reached out to save the ones he loves the most … those he created.