Lately, as I’ve been “eavesdropping” on conversations around me on the TTC, there are some people who swear quite extensively, especially with the f-bomb. What I’ve been noticing is that many who swear a lot have this sense of entitlement about them. Usually, the swearing is tied to some kind of complaint. “My f—ing boss didn’t do this right.” “I can’t f—ing believe she said that.” “Who the f— does he think he is?” All these kind of statements demonstrate a sense of being wronged from an external circumstance. Rarely do I hear “F— I screwed up.” Rather, it’s “F— they did …” Grant it, I don’t think that only people who swear feel entitled nor do only entitled people swear. But it seems more often than not that a person who swears a lot seems to feel wronged a lot because of other external factors.

It may be a useful gauge both for ourselves and when we listen to our friends to see if swearing has gone up or down, and how it relates at that moment to our feeling of entitlement. Because at the end of the day, what are we really entitled to? (Probably a lot less than we assume.)