It’s been about 1 year since our family got rid of our car and opted to no longer own a vehicle. We do occasionally rent a car or use Autoshare for moments when it’s much easier to use a car. But for the most part, we try to get by with just transit (TTC, GO Train, etc.). It’s been a year of getting used to another lifestyle in a sense. Some quick reflections on our journey since then.

  • I notice that I tend to feel “healthier” when I don’t have a car. It forces me to walk more and I do feel a bit less lethargic.
  • Given that we didn’t face a really cold winter, we did get off easy.
  • I am grateful for the savings we have from not having a car (although our income did dip as well, so I guess we evened off to some extent).
  • I’ve noticed that I tend to try to maximize my time on transit. I elaborated more on a previous post called “Mobile Office“. I feel that when I drive now, it feels more like “wasted time” when I could be going through email, reading or just resting. I’m contemplating just how can I utilize transit for out of town meetings more to take advantage of those times.
  • Taking transit can sometimes be a nuisance because you need to meet their time schedule. There is a loss of some freedom.
  • Taking transit does make me slow down somewhat. I’m not as “impulsive” in going out. Outings do need to be planned more.
  • Given my cheapness, I try to utilize my TTC pass more and try to rent as little as possible (even if there is some room in the budget).

After a year, I don’t yearn for a car. I’m grateful that I live in a city where transit can provide pretty good accessibility (I don’t know how it would be exactly in another municipality). I don’t really miss driving. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve been doing it my whole life. Let’s see what year 2 might bring (especially if the winter gets a lot colder).