I sometimes wonder, what exactly am I getting paid to do? There seems to be two extremes of why people get paid with a continuum between them. On one end, some people get paid to produce tangible results. That could be manufacturing, labour, etc. Essentially, you get paid to make x number of products. On the other end, some people get paid for what’s in their brain. They are seen to have unique thoughts or connections that people want to know about. This includes visionaries, consultants, artists, etc. For most of us, we’re somewhere on this spectrum between the two. (Sometimes, I do find a tension of which one do I lean more towards, not just in my work at CBOQ but also through my volunteer work and coaching services.)

Then the next question that comes to my mind is, what is the value of what I do? Yes, I get a pay cheque (I must admit, in my professional, I’m paid reasonably well with many non-monetary benefits, so no complaints there). I start asking if I’m bring the value that’s expected. If I’m seen as a producer, am I producing enough product. If I’m seen as a “thinker”, am I bringing the insights that are seen as valuable. That too can be a source of tension because I want to make sure I’m bringing the expected value to the table for what I’m paid for. Perhaps that’s the “workaholic” side of me, wanting to make sure I’m not cheating my employers/clients.

This is probably a good reflection question to go back to once in a while. This may not be the dominant question in my life. However, it’s good to go back to my employer/clients to ensure that they are receiving the value they are expecting. Otherwise, I need to make some changes.