I’ve mentioned in a past blog that I enjoy watching series finales. I’m always curious to see how a series ends, what’s the conclusion, the closure. There have been some good ones. As I’ve been watching some finale episodes on Netflix, I’m realizing that there are many series that don’t end well (like Sliders or the A-Team). These were shows that I remember from my childhood (or teen years) which I enjoyed. There were many episodes that were intriguing, engaging and entertaining. In those days, I never got to see the final episodes. However, those series have ended with disappointment. Many were cancelled due to failed ratings. Most never had a proper series finale; they just drift away.

While we don’t get to choose when our lifetime ends, we do get to choose we finish each day, each moment. That could include ending each conversation well, making sure each interaction we have ends positively. If we ensure each moment ends well, it will be more likely that our lifetime, whenever that may come to a conclusion, will also end well. True, it’s good to at least consider what a lifetime legacy may look like. But since we can’t control our last moments, if we at least ensure our moments finish well, may our last moment  come with a closure and peace.