Dr. Michael Sedler’s book “When to Speak Up and When to Shut Up” does just that: to discern moments when silence is best and when words need to be spoken. Sedler provides fundamental reasons why one is best suited over the other in different circumstances. Yet too many times, we seem to misjudge the situation and take the wrong course of action.

Sedler’s book may seem at times seem too rudimentary. While he does provide some practical tips on how to discern when one should be used over the other, those insights are not applicable to every situation. Sedler does emphasis that: 1. when we do mess up (and we will), we must seek forgiveness and reconciliation  Sedler exemplifies this through his own experiences of “messing up”. 2. Discernment is something that one must work at and continue to work at. It doesn’t come naturally in all circumstances, so continued practice is needed.
This book is a good preliminary source for people to build their skills of discerning when to speak up or shut up. It’s a relevant book for family members, friends and colleagues.
Book has been provided courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and Chosen Books (a division of Baker Book House Company) in exchange for an honest review.