This morning, I heard an interesting conversation about how Yankee Stadium seems to have less energy for the baseball playoffs than before. Part of that is the fact that the new Yankee Stadium isn’t the same as the old Yankee Stadium. The other factor is how Yankee fans seem to take their team’s playoff success for granted. The comparison was made to the Baltimore Orioles and Washington Nationals fans. Their stadiums were bursting with energy because the playoffs don’t come around that often. When they do, the fans get right into it. However, with teams where the playoffs aren’t as “magical” anymore because their teams have done it so often, there isn’t as much hype, as much energy.

So many things we tend to take for granted. I’ve noticed this lately. Even some of the simplest things. The last few days, I’ve had a hard time getting around because of a bruised left knee and pain in my right ankle. I forget to celebrate the blessings of mobility. Or moments when someone takes that one step closer to Jesus. There are many moments to celebrate, but we miss because we take them for granted.
What can you celebrate today?