main idea: When someone realizes how they can impact for the greater good, they will be willing to sacrifice their lives.

In the movie Looper, Joe (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is an assassin who takes care of people who are sent from the future to him to be disposed. However, there comes a glitch when he has to kill his future self that was sent back (played by Bruce Willis). Old Joe wants to correct the past by killing the Rainmaker (a person from his future who has growing control over everything and has Old Joe’s wife killed). Young Joe wants to preserve the life as he knows it so he must kill Old Joe. SPOILER ALERT: The Rainmaker turns out to be a child with extraordinary kinetic powers that are destructive with anger; he also is the son of Sara (played by Emily Blunt). Emily, determined to help her son move on the right track, gives up her life in the city to make that happen.

At the end, with Old Joe about to kill the boy’s mother in order to kill the boy, Young Joe realizes how this cycle of selfishness from himself and his older himself actually contribute to the deadly trail embarked by the Rainmaker. In order to stop this, he kills himself (which also kills off his old self).

Many people have demonstrated this level of sacrifice. Whether it’s war veterans to a father who’s willing to give his life for his child to Jesus himself, sacrifice of one’s desires is often needed for the greater good.

What are you selfishly holding on to right now?