I’ve been to a bunch of workshops and conferences in my life. (I’ve led a few myself.) Over the last few years, I’ve realized that Solomon was right: there’s really nothing new under the sun. But what these workshops do is provide a space (both physically and temporally) to start piecing things together. It’s taking what I already know and starting to see what connection points come to mind.

For instance, I recently attended a workshop and started to see how many of the coaching skills I already had could impact my parenting. I already had the tools, but these workshops (while I didn’t learn new content) provided a space for me to see what connection points could be made. (I blogged about this on my coaching blog.)

When you head into your next conference or workshop, you may not necessarily learn anything new. But perhaps this is a space and time for you to focus in on that theme, to see connection points you haven’t been aware of before. (Hint hint to all you going to CYWC next weekend.)