I’m finding I tend to respond faster to texts or emails than voice mails or phone calls. There’s probably a variety of reasons why that happens (especially when I feel drained).

The biggest reason is it takes a lot of energy to talk in person or by phone. Communication theory suggests most of our communication is non-verbal i.e. tone, body language, etc. However, it takes energy to ensure that my tone and body language is properly reflecting what I’m trying to communicate. Otherwise, without knowing, I would “say” something that I didn’t mean to (potentially in a very negative way). With text/email, I just need to focus on the actual words/content (about 15% of communication) and keep it as straight forward as possible. As such, it doesn’t require as much energy to respond.

Obviously there are appropriate times when in-person or phone conversations are needed and can be much richer. But in those moments when I’m feeling drained, it’s just easier to text.