Recently, I had a conversation with an English pastor about empowering students in a ministry setting. One example involved increasing engagement with Sunday service, particularly sermons. So we brainstormed: What if, with his Sunday school class at the beginning of each month, he would share what he’s planning to preach 2 months from now. He could provide the text and give a synopsis of each sermon’s direction. Then he would ask students how would they teach / exemplify / present that specific topic. It could include creating a video, a drama, a song, etc.

Coming from an IT background, he said to me, “It’s open sourcing.” WHAT A GREAT WAY TO DESCRIBE THIS PROCESS! It’s the premise behind open source in the first place i.e. anyone can be involved and contribute. Thus, to “open source” ministry is finding ways to have others engage and contribute to the ministry as much as possible with their own giftings.

What ways can you “open source” your ministry?