main idea: Your true values and capacity are revealed in the face of adversity.

The much-anticipated movie The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (an adaptation of JRR Tolkien’s book) begins with the wizard Gandalf recruiting Mr. Bilbo Baggins for an adventure as a burglar. Bilbo doesn’t feel he has the skills to keep up with the dwarves in their quest to reclaim their home. Thorin, the leader, has the most doubts about Bilbo. Through all the obstacles and adversities, Bilbo soon steps up to be the kind of person that Gandalf saw him to be; Thorin recognizes that too in the end.

We all long for that one person who sees the potential in us, who sees something that we may miss ourselves. But when we discover that potential, we begin to claim who we really are.

So who do you believe in today?