Recently, my wife got me watching a series called “V” (about aliens called “Visitors” who seemed to want to live symbiotically with humankind but really wanted to take over). Like many other TV series we’ve encountered on Netflix, I watched the pilot, maybe a couple of episodes in the middle, read the synopsis and then watched the finale (actually, it wasn’t much of a finale since the series was cancelled, but you get my drift).

Whether it’s a movie, TV series or book, I always want to go straight to the end. I really don’t care how the story develops, I just want to know how it ends. Seeing the ending gives me a sense of closure with as little suspense as possible. (That’s the beauty of episode synopses on wikipedia, but I digress.)

I must admit, especially when I first came to the Christian faith, that’s what I wanted to do. I read the beginning of Genesis and then jumped to the last chapter of Revelation. I wanted to see how it all ends. To some degree, that’s how I lived my life: just to see the end.

Yet over the years, I’ve realized that in the middle of this story, God’s story, was just as vital as the beginning and the end. While my inclination is to jump ahead and see it all done, God wants me to wrestle with the middle, because in this case, the middle is just as important as the end. The middle is where lives are changed and transformed. And if I don’t stay in the middle, then I both miss what God is already doing and miss the opportunities he wants to involve me. And if I don’t want to get involved, when really, what good is my faith (if I don’t want to partner with my God)?

How do you stay in the middle?