Recently in baseball, pitch count is hugely important. Baseball commentators and retired pitchers constantly refer to the differences of today’s game and previous generations. Before, a pitcher just had to win, no matter how many pitches were thrown. Now, pitch counts make every pitch vital. Batters make quality at bats when they can make the pitcher pitch a lot, even if they get out. It’s actual in the pitcher’s best interest to get quick ground ball outs than strikeouts.

Today, everyone is trying to get attention. Before, the loudest voices were the ones with the biggest marketing budgets. Now, with the internet and social media, the vy for attention is greater than ever (this blog is an example). Almost anyone now can advertise or attempt to get attention. As such, there are a lot more voices than before.

Many people use the offer of free products and services to get attention (I’ve tried it myself and signed up for a lot of stuff). However, all this free stuff (while it may be good in and of itself)  actually costs me more than expected. The amount of time to read an article, listen to a podcast, watch a video can become very time consuming. All that processing takes away from other priorities. After all, while my brain can process a high speeds, it can still only process one conscious thought at a time.

So now, I need to be much more discerning. I’ve realized that sometimes it’s more important to trust the source, not just the content i.e. I’m more concerned about who’s endorsing it and trusting their vetting system. (That means I need to be discreet about what I endorse too.)

Time is limited. Mental processing is finite (although some people’s capacity supersedes others).

What will you spend your time on? (Choose wisely.)