One longing for almost everyone is the desire to be known. We want to be recognized. That’s why so many people want to be a celebrity. Celebrities are recognized.You recognize them though they likely don’t recognize you.

A fundamental premise is we want to ensure our life isn’t meaningless. We want to leave some kind of legacy. The question is, how far will that drive you? And is the legacy you’re aiming for actually the right one for you?

Recently, I’ve been reworking this in my life. For a while, I saw myself as a generalist, a jack of all trades. A good 2nd tier in many things but not a top tier in anything. Over the last few months, very subtly, I began to push towards a specialization. I began to pour energy into that. While what I was doing were good things, I look back now and realized I compromised on other priorities. Until recently, then I realized I had moved away from who I really am, what my legacy is, what God has made me to be.

We’re sometimes blinded by what we want to be remembered for instead of what we’re really made to for.

What is your real legacy? (How will you pursue it?)