I started to read this book when I had a dark period of my life. When I started, it resonated deep within my soul. That feeling that sometimes God is distant, is unaware, is gone. As the title suggests, it’s as if we’re left in the dark by ourselves and no idea what to do.

Ted Kluck and Ronnie Martin share their experiences in moments like these not in a flippant way. They don’t nonchalantly skim over their dark moments but allow you to dwell with them, perhaps feeling your own darkness in that time. Their answers are simple (maybe a bit too simple). Some of their reflections on scripture don’t delve into the intricacies of the issue. For example, there’s a reflection on Judas and how he basically never knew Jesus even though he did everything the disciples did (including miracles as implied). I think the context surrounding Judas is more intricate than that.

In the end, Kluck ends his section stating “it’s only natural that a book on doubt/struggle would end here. At repentance. At joy.” They are right in that in those dark moments, we don’t necessarily abandon hope, but we abandon God (not the other way around). And like most things within the Christian faith, it is simple but definitely not easy.

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