Sometimes, I hear people talk about the less fortunate in unfavouring terms. “They’re just lazy.” “They’re just milking the system.” “Why don’t they just get some help?”

I recently learned the signs of a drowning victim. We usually think of movies where the person is screaming and flailing their arms. Yet drowning victims usually go unnoticed because their body automatically removes certain functions to keep the most vital ones going. They only stay afloat for about 20-60 seconds before sinking.

I suspect this is how many people feel, including those who are barely making it. Their energies are essentially driven to survive. To try to strive for anything else (like getting additional support) is out of reach. Grant it, everyone’s energy levels are different. What each person can manage is different. But no one has infinite energy or consciousness. We can each only handle so much.

Before we assume that someone is just lazy or isn’t willing to help themselves, it could be they’re just “drowning”. What are you doing to do about it?