You may know that the TV series How I Met Your Mother is concluding in its 9th season. SPOILER ALERT: you actually meet the mother in this last season and see how the two meet and eventually end up together.

The show itself isn’t the best written show (although I have some favourite episodes). As I reflect back, I realize the reason I’m so drawn to this show right now is because it’s about to finish. I get to see closure in how this series wraps up. With each episode so far, there is a sense of closure, piece by piece.

I’ve realized, I want good closure in my life. I want to end well, whether it’s a small thing or a big chapter (no, I’m not heading anywhere … at least not that I know of). As I watch series wrap-ups like this, that sense of closure is a satisfying “it is finished”. In my own life, I want to close well so that I can give a satisfying “it is finished”.

Good closure frees a person to move on without second thoughts or regrets.