Whenever my kids whine, I remind them that my goal as a parent isn’t to make them happy. Otherwise, I’d be doing everything they want me to do or give. It’s not that my intention is to make their lives miserable (although they may think that, especially as we near the teen years … YIKES!).

My goal as a parent is to help them see and experience who Jesus is. That includes providing for their necessities and sometimes a bit beyond. But my goal isn’t to give them what they want. It’s showing them who God is in (hopefully) all I do. In many ways, I live out practical theology with them (since what I really think of God will impact my lifestyle).

My definition of success as a parent is if my children will grow to be independent, positive contributors who can accurately define what is entailed in a Christ-centred life (whether they choose to follow him is ultimately their own decision).