I recently blogged on my lifecoachalvin.com site about professional boundaries which was precipitated by the whole story involving Rob Ford’s character reference letters on City letterhead.

Whether it’s intentional or not, having correspondences on work letterhead suggests the stance and opinion offered is coming from the office of the mayor of Toronto. Frankly, the mayor as a city representative shouldn’t be making character references like this. That would be undue influence of an elected official on the judicial system. If Ford wants to vouch for someone personally, that’s his own prerogative. He should do so from his own personal stationary. I don’t want to hear whether Ford paid for the stationary with his own money (which I don’t believe he has claimed). He should not be using his position (intentionally or unintentionally) to sway the courts for his friends.

Professional boundaries are crucial for both the integrity of the organization and the individual. For instance, not everything I post on twitter @lifecoachalvin overlaps with what I help post @cboqyouth. I know I do not solely represent the latter and must respect what accurately reflects the organization and its leadership. I need to keep those professional boundaries clear. It seems to me Rob Ford can’t make that distinction and is misrepresenting the City of Toronto in this case.