I’ve been following the Rob Ford saga closely (especially last Thursday). I’ve wondered just why is there such an animosity against this guy. (Frankly, I’ve felt some of that myself.) What is it about him that has so many people up in arms (while a significant number who strongly support him)? (This blog is by no means an exhaustive discourse on the situation.)

What jumps out to me is how accurate the Golden Rule is in this situation. (Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you. -Matthew 7:12a NLT) The fact is, Ford has been very critical of many people (e.g. the “sleeping employee“) and quick to judge (many times without having all the facts). His brash and critical spirit is well known amongst the population. (True, I’ve been told he can be a great ally for some. However, his very public statements speak volumes to what good he may have done.)

I wonder how Ford would be treated if he was forthright and compassionate. How would he be treated now if:

  • when the crack video first was reported, if Ford was up front and transparent about what he had been involved in.
  • after the Danforth incident was first reported, instead of brushing it off as a “couple of pops”, admitting he went to a public event drunk (as he has now)
  • when the “sleeping employee” photo came out, instead of insisting he be fired without any kind of investigation, actually being concerned for the person (and if it was then deemed as gross negligence, then you can have the person fired)

I would speculate that if Ford was more forgiving, forthright and compassionate, many people (probably including me) would be willing to support him (or at least the benefit of the doubt). The fact is, the Golden Rule seems true in this case: the way Ford’s treated others, they are now treating him in the same way.