Toronto over the last few days has been inundated with the Rob Ford saga. The most recent was a video where he ranted how he was going to kill someone. This blog isn’t a commentary on the recent events themselves. What it did remind me was the darkness of the soul we all have. (The main difference is that Ford’s is open for all the world to see.)

The fact is, all of us are capable of this kind of contempt and malice (whether we’re inebriated or not). Many of us try to have safeguards to at least buffer us from heading towards that darkness. But make no mistake, the potential for evil is within us all. To suggest otherwise is to fool ourselves into thinking “it could never happen to us”.

I’ve come to realize that nothing really surprises me in terms of the depth of depravity. It saddens and at times angers me. But it doesn’t shock me. God, through Scripture, has made it pretty clear that we are all capable of this. So why should I be any different?

The only difference is a dependency on God. Left to my own devices, I could easily slip toward that spectrum (although it may not be as public as Ford’s). I admit there are still dark spots in my soul. There are thoughts that sometimes I catch myself wondering, “Am I really thinking that?!” I need Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit and His community of believers to lovingly and honestly point out my blind spot.

Don’t think it could never happen to you. (And beware of being contemptuous/superior when someone else delves to those depths.)