Ever have someone roll their eyes at you? (Ever do that to someone else?) I did that (unfortunately) to someone the other day and their comment afterwards revealed how deep such a gesture cuts.

Sometimes, I’m saying non-verbally while I roll my eyes, “No this again” or “Are you serious?” I find I’m usually fatigued when I roll my eyes. To me, it’s a state of flabbergastedness.

For the recipient, it feels like I’m saying they don’t matter. In fact, it can be interpreted as a sign of contempt. Contempt isn’t just anger. It’s the attitude “You’re beneath me and don’t even deserve to exist.” When we slip to that state of mind, we’re in danger of what Jesus called the essence of the commandment “do not murder”. Whether we intended to or not, our eye rolling communicates a thought that buries a person, signifying they are not worth our time or attention.

Beware the eye roll!