Every so often, someone says to me “well, everyone knows …” More and more, I’m realizing everyone doesn’t know. But why do we assume we do?

  • We assume certain cultural or societal norms are universally accepted. Cultural Intelligence has demonstrated these assumptions infiltrate the way we view the world and, many times, we assume people see it the same way we do.
  • We assume everyone thinks the way we do. If we see a and b, it obviously leads to c. But I’m noticing people might see the exact same thing but come to very different conclusions. Muliple intelligences demonstrate how we all learn and process differently.

This isn’t to suggest there isn’t absolute truth. To suggest no facts are universal, seems to me, is a preposterous notion. However, have we all discovered what those absolute truths are? In our conversations, perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to assume “everyone knows”.