The other day, I saw a man cross the street. He was on the left corner as he went across. However, it was an advanced green, so the cars had the right of way turning left while his crosswalk signal still showed a red hand indicating to stop. He proceeded anyway. Unbeknownst to him, as he started walking, the car in the adjacent right turn lane wanted to turn (since the other cars weren’t yet approaching) but couldn’t because this guy decided to wander in the street while waiting for his crosswalk light to turn green. He never even noticed the right-turning car, but I noticed the driver seething at the idiocy of the man.

The fact is, while he thought he was being more “efficient” in getting across the street sooner, he didn’t even recognize his actions impacted another individual. He probably thought what he was doing was harmless. Sure, no one got hurt, but his “efficiency” stalled another person in their right of way.

Sometimes, our actions impact others without our realizing it. It’s not to say that we need to be hyper sensitive to ensure we’re not intruding on other’s space. But, whether seen or unseen, our actions do influence others. Generally speaking, when we proceed correctly, our impact on others is positive. When we act negatively, it will generally negatively affect others.

Which will you choose?