It’s been over three years since our family got rid of our car. To be honest, I’m missing it less every day. Yes, there are times when a car becomes very convenient. However, I’ve noticed a few things about myself over the last 3 years:

  • As I get older, I need more concentration to drive. Perhaps it’s my old age now, but I’m much more attune with the driving (in)abilities of others. Thus, even if I don’t make a mistake, I need to remain vigilant and be aware of other people driving. The longer I drive, obviously the more intense the concentration. When I first got my license, I felt the freedom of driving. Now, more and more, I feel the responsibility of driving. I’d rather just let something else drive.
  • When I take transit, it forces me to walk more. Interesting, when I rent a car for a few days, I actually feel myself more lethargic. Transit at least gets me to go a few more feet to the closest stop.
  • It’s forces me to recognize that not everything is in my control. I think the amount of control we think we have is an illusion. Transit at least reminds me that it’s not always in my hands, and I need to relax and deal with it accordingly.
  • It has saved me money and mental worry. I estimate I am saving at least $100 a month with transit and occasional renting than if I owned a car currently. But I also don’t need to worry about a car. If it breaks down or something happens, I just hand it back. (Whereas with my own, I’d be more anxious figuring how to pay for repair costs.)

At this moment in my life, transit works well. I realize if I were in another area, it may not be a good alternative. But I’ve felt the difference in taking transit .. for the better.