The municipal election is 1 month away. As I look at the candidates, I evaluate with a standard similar to what I would use when hiring someone, focusing on their character, competency and chemistry.

Chemistry is one that isn’t as pertinent in this process because I won’t really work with them directly. Something to consider is whether they have chemistry with other members on council (or at least potential chemistry).

Competency is demonstrated both by their previous track record and whether they have the capability to deliver what’s been promised. Grant it, track records don’t always tell the full story. (Like many resumes, track records can be embellished at least by the candidate, so be discerning about what the candidate has actually done.) To some degree, competency can be learned, even on the job depending on that person’s underlying skill set. There is some flexibility in what acceptable competency is.

Character is the weightiest of the three for me. Character reveals who you truly are, and whether your integrity (someone once described to me as “what you tend to do when no one is looking”) actually holds well. This is the one that is very hard to change (not impossible, but much more fixed). Character will also have a heavier bearing on the individual’s actions than their competency. Their character will drive how they engage with others, whether they demonstrate compassion and diligence. Character is developed over time. To me, this is one of the core elements I’ll evaluate.

This blog isn’t meant to evaluate each of the mayoral candidates (although I’ll be honest in who I’m likely to rule out based on what I’ve described). It’s a choice, a privilege and a responsibility I have in my participation as a Canadian citizen to ensure I go and vote for who I believe is the best candidate.

Who will you choose in 1 month’s time?