Recently, I posted a Life Coach Alvin blog article on strategies and knowing which ones to use when. Too often, whether as individuals or in clusters, we jump at the “next big thing” (NBT), whether it’s to help us lose weight, makes our churches more effective or raises our productivity at work.

Sometimes, it’s really because we’re lazy and assume, “If it works for them, it’s got to work for me/us.” (Of course, some people take advantage of that and market that product precisely as the NBT.)

Other times, we’re really ignorant of the situation and don’t take to understand which parts of the strategy would work in our own context and which are unique to that situation.

Let’s not be quick to just run with the NBT.  But let’s also not summarily dismiss the entirety of the NBT. There may be parts of it that could very well benefit you. Unless you analyze it to see what parts could work and what parts won’t, it may be just the NBT for you.