With the municipal elections one week away, I’m narrowed down my candidate selection to three questions.

QUESTION 1: Is this a person of integrity and character?

For me, this is a make or break question. You can have the greatest platform but if you are without integrity, then there’s no point. Basically, you can’t be trusted. You can’t be depended to be who you say you are. If there’s no character or integrity, there’s no trust. That removes a candidate right off my list.

QUESTION 2: Do I agree with their platform?

Does their platform align with what I believe is best for this ward/city? Each candidate presents a specific vision. Do I believe that vision is what best moves us forward?

QUESTION 3: Do I think they can pull it off?

In municipal politics, each candidate is one vote, whether mayor, city councillor or school board trustee. It’s one thing to have a great plan. It’s another to draw the consensus needed to execute it.

Questions 2 and 3 dance together. It’s the balance between the plan itself with the likelihood to actually fulfill it. (In this year’s Toronto mayoral election, the talk of strategic voting has been more prevalent than ever.)

With the responsibility as a citizen to vote for whom I believe is best for those roles, my answer to these questions will lead me to the names I select on October 27.

What other questions would you add?