The ebbs and flows of life require a place for sanctuary. Many times, I’ve found that to be the Sunday church service. For a few moments, I lay aside all the pressures and obligations of life to rest in God’s presence. (These are Sundays when I have no other obligations to fulfill during the service.)

There are lots of times when churches ask their members to “step up” and serve, including the Sunday service. At times, it seems the volunteer pool is stretched and we still need more resources. I do believe that all members of the church should do their share in contributing to the ministries of the church. That being said, if we are taxing beyond the capacities of the church members, then we need to re-evaluate what it is we’re doing exactly. Are we to continue our current trajectory if it means running our members to the ground. Many times, I’ve found that to be a sign that the church needs to re-evaluate its structure and discern whether there is a different method (or direction) from God.

No one is meant to go full-speed without any rest. Perhaps some are able to sustain that pace better than others. But it’s not God’s desire to physically and emotionally drain a person to do “his ministry”. Every person needs a place of sanctuary. For many, the Sunday morning service is that space and time to rest in the presence of God in community. As church leaders, we need to make space for those moments. For those who regularly serve during that service (like the pastor or music director), then we need to ensure they are finding another place for sanctuary.

Where do you find your place of sanctuary?