I’ve been serving at CBOQ for over 14 years now. (That’s two youth ministry cycles.) Every so often, I ask God why he continues to have me here. There are a couple of tensions I usually wrestle with.

On the one hand, I must remind myself that I am not indispensable. Frankly, I can be replaced. Others can do my role (some probably better than me). Even with my years at CBOQ, I can’t assume that I can never be replaced. To allow such thinking puts me in a place of complacency, of entitlement. (I’ve seen some people who believe they are the ONLY ones who can do the job and, as a result, bring more damage than good.)

On the other hand, because I can be replaced doesn’t mean I should assume I am right now. I believe God, in his wisdom, calls specific people to a specific place for a specific time. For now, through the affirmation of others, I believe I am where God has assigned me to be (at least for now). So I must remember that the gifts, experience and other intangibles is what God requires for this role at this time. While there may be others who could do this role (maybe better than me), God has me here for now.

There’s always a tension in recognizing the role God has given (temporarily) with the danger of assuming that role is for life. After all, what God has given, he can choose to take away. For now, I will embrace and serve to my highest capacity the ministry he’s entrusted me to. But let me not move to a place where I feel entitled to it.