Today, it was a “revelation”. I am getting old. My body is not able to do the things I used to be able to do. In some ways, I am approaching (if not past) my mid life. It’s not to say my life is over or going downhill. It’s a change in reality, in how I see myself and perhaps now others see me.

Before, I used to feel like the “rookie” in the room. In some ways, I was still seen as “the kid”. There are various factors that could lend to that perception. In some ways, depending on the group I was with, I perhaps lent myself to the “kid” role.

The fact is, I am no longer “a kid”. My oldest is now a tween; my daughter is not far behind. I’ve been out of school now for almost 14 years. While I may not own a house or a car, I sure have my share of financial responsibilities.

And so, I feel as if I’m taking another step on the path of adulthood. I am no longer the rookie. I am no longer “the kid”. I am now entering that phase of being the “older one”, perhaps slowly creeping towards the “sage” (although not near the wisdom required). It will be interesting to see what changes in my perception within a group and how I engage from here.

Another step in life change perceptions.