Today, I heard an interview with Paul Beeston on Sportsnet Fan 590. Over the last three months, there’s been an ambiguity about his role with the Toronto Blue Jays and whether his successor would be hired or not. Finally, they re-signed him for one more season.

I don’t personally know Paul Beeston nor am I familiar with all that he’s done. But from my peripheral view of him, I’ve come to associate two terms with him: loyal and trustworthy.

In the interview, he commanded a sense that what he was saying was what he meant. His aim is to bring this organization into one focus and to move together as such. As the President/CEO, he needs to set that tone and does without being bossy or a bully. I think it’s because he’s earned the credibility that he wants to see these people succeed (not only him). I think his staff realize he has their back and will do whatever he can to help them succeed.

Over the years, Beeston has demonstrated (at least to me) that he doesn’t have a hidden agenda, that he’s loyal to his staff and he won’t be (publicly) swayed by all the distractions that swirl.

It’s my hope that I’ll learn and model those characteristics both in how I lead and how I follow.