I am frustrated with all politicians of all stripes. (Right now, maybe John Tory holds some hope for me. But even that I approach with skepticism and reservation.)

Through my adult years, I feel like we get screwed over and over again by politicians with scandal after scandal after scandal. Worse than that is when they start making excuses and not owning up to those mistakes. From the Conservative Senate scandals to the myriad of Ontario Liberal scandals, no wonder many voters (especially younger ones) are disenfranchised with our governing system because, time after time, it doesn’t seem to work. Many pay lip service to gaining the trust and vote of the younger demographic; I’ve yet to see any evidence of that the last few years.

I am probably lumping too many politicians in the same boat. I’m assuming there are some honest, decent public servants who we’ve elected to do their job well. However, the ones controlling the message (i.e. the party leadership) seem to out-do the other by low-balling others, by cutting others down (e.g. attack ads) and deflecting blame (when they should be taking responsibility for the issue).

Frankly, we expect our children not to do that. You would think our politicians would arise to a higher standard and actually be leaders.