Maybe I should rephrase that, it’s who you trust to know. In our infinitely-accessible information age, anyone can get information. The question is, who is the source of that info? In high school, we learn about primary vs secondary vs tertiary sources. (In the Internet age, some sources are many more degrees removed.) Perhaps someone we need to consider more than just the information is where that information is coming from.

Nowadays, a highly debated issue is vaccination. The voices that tend to get the most attention are celebrities who are anti-vaxx (e.g. Jenny McCarthy and Alicia Silverstone) vs pro-vaxx (e.g. Jennifer Garner and Sarah Michelle Gellar). In most cases, while these individuals may have researched about these issues, almost all of them are in position to speak authoritatively on this subject. Yet why do people believe them? Because they trust them, whether rightly or wrongly.

There are times when even experts disagree. Just because a person has a degree in an area of expertise doesn’t necessarily make them right. However, for the average person, which direction will they go with? The one they trust the most.

So, who do you know? (And how much do you trust them with that subject?)