Over the last few days, our new home has frozen pipes. About 10 days ago, the city staff came, assessed and highlined water from our neighbours. That lasted for about 6 days until that line burst and flooded their basement. The next day, the city staff returned, dug into our yard and the street, and determined the lead pipes could not be thawed so they will need to change them to copper pipes. For the last few days, we’ve been taking showers at my in-laws and using various bathroom facilities in the city. From this time, a few things have struck me:

  • Hassles like this take up a lot of mental energy. While it may not take much to figure out how to work around this, it’s constant planning (especially with two kids during March break at home) which takes up energy and can become a constant distraction.
  • I am so reliant on so many luxurious of the western world (like running water, electricity, Internet access, etc.).
  • There are so many people willing to be gracious and hospitable. It’s amazing to have family and friends who care.
  • This isn’t that huge of a deal. In the big picture, this is a relatively small problem that someone else (i.e. the city) will solve eventually. Sure, I need to deal with its effects. But there are more profound issues to steer my concerns towards.