In my youth, it seemed education and people were trying to pursue truth. Through studies, debates and other literature, the premise was that these were people’s pursuits of truth. That’s why so many outlets like newspapers quote scientific studies, because they are supposed to be about the pursuit of truth.

Call me a cynic, but it seems the default nowadays is the pursuit of an agenda. It seems there are many, through studies and other avenues, trying to prove an agenda rather than seek the truth. When’s the contradicting data, it’s because of “those people” and their agenda. Rarely is there a discussion of why there are these apparent contradictions and how do they “work” together. The problem then becomes the arguments for the sake of an agenda (left vs right, liberal vs conservative, etc.) rather than the pursuit of truth.

Universities were supposed to be about that pursuit. However, it seems most people see universities as job-prepping factors rather than a place to pursue truth. Even our own federal government is less interested in pure science in favour of applied science i.e. the pursuit of an application/agenda vs the pursuit of truth. Even our court system seems to be about having the best people who can argue a certain agenda rather than collectively seeking the truth.

By no means am I always right (many would agree). I do hold my own convictions and faith. I also recognize, those convictions and faith too are a gamble. (If I’m wrong about Jesus, then no matter what I believe, that reality/truth still doesn’t change.) But too often, people push their agenda and dismiss anything that may contravene it (including Christians, atheists and other religions/philosophies).

If we were humble enough to pursue truth, perhaps we’d have less confrontation. (Perhaps I’m too naive on that point.) However, it seems too many of us are too focused in pursuing an agenda rather than seeking the truth.