Today, I removed myself from the business of life coaching. It’s been an interesting 5 year journey, with my training from Coach U to my accreditation with the International Association of Coaching and the variety of opportunities I’ve had with life coaching.

The fact is, life coaching is a skill I will always use, but not a profession I will pursue. Over the last few months, I’ve noticed more and more that having the vocation of life coaching started becoming a distraction. I still deeply value the skills which life coaching taught me, and am still using them in a variety of contexts (both personal and ministry-wise). However, this isn’t something I need to be spending lots of time both in its continued development and to maintain my accreditation.

I’ve shut down my website, Twitter, Facebook page and Google+ page. It’s the end of a chapter. But I feel relieved knowing I can focus on what God’s focused me to do in preaching his truth and supporting churches as they continue to reach this upcoming generation.

Who knows (besides God) what else may be in the near future?