Since Saturday, I’ve been battling gout in my right foot. I’ve had gout before, but nothing this long. Ironically (or providentially), I preached from Exodus 7:14-24 on warning signs, and not letting stubbornness get in the way of seeing them. This gout attack has been a warning sign for me. Here’s what I’ve taken note of so far:

  • Everything cannot depend on me. While I may be a significant contributor to a lot of different areas, I cannot be the one who’s solely relied on. Yes, there are things that are my primary responsibility. But at the end of the day, I can be replaced in those roles.
  • I need to slow down. I’ve literally had to slow down this week. I’ve had to take more time to rest (interesting how pain drains you both physically and mentally).
  • I need to change my diet. The fact is, a huge factor in my gout is my diet. Therefore, I need to make adjustments. (Another wake up call.)
  • I need to trust others. I’ve leaned more on my kids and my wife. I’ve had to delegate when I may have been more likely to do it myself.
  • It challenged me to prioritize. In the midst of all I had originally intended to accomplish this week, I had to reschedule items on my task list that weren’t as important, but take time to focus on those fewer items that were a priority.
  • I can still do things. While I can’t be expected to do everything, I can still contribute (and not just do nothing and feel sorry for myself).
  • Others still go through much deeper, more significant issues than this. Frankly, I really don’t have it that bad. There are others who are experiencing much deeper pain than I could imagine. They require our prayers much more than me.

Interesting how God uses a preacher’s message to also speak to the preacher. (And it won’t be the last time.)