What’s your backup?

IT specialists talk about redundancies, systems that are meant to backup the current system if it goes down. Sometimes, you need backup for your backup.

Contingencies are necessary because things don’t always go according to plan. In my life, there are several times when that happens:
– forgot my phone at home: I can access at least some stuff via Rogers One Number.
– laptop breaks down: Most of my files are accessible either via online clouds or remote desktop access.
– streetcar is late (again): Either get a cab or get a rental car/car share.

A note of caution: Some things are not worth having completely accessible. e.g. I’m very weary of having my entire house controlled by a smartphone (like door locks, heating, etc.). While that may be a good backup plan for some, I’m cautious of having too many things controlled externally. (Everyone has their own level of comfort.)

Grant it, you can’t anticipate or cover every situation. But at least having some kind of alternate ready at least ensures you’re not solely dependent on one system.