A few years ago, my kids bought me a pair of noise-reducing earmuffs. I’ve felt there’s been a lot of noise lately. Partially volume (live sporting events aren’t as exciting as I used to think), partially lots of white noise (whether in my household or outside).

Earlier today, I took 5 minutes to sit quietly with these on. While they don’t remove all noise, it does muffle a significant amount. Two things I noticed:

  • I was much more conscious of my breathing. As such, I could pace myself based on the rate of my breathing.
  • I was left to my own thoughts which I prayed through.

Afterwards, I felt refreshed and able to better connect with my family.

Over the next while, I’m looking at the state of my soul. Tonight, this was a moment to at least give me some quiet to reset myself with God.

Ah, the gift of silence.