Recently, a youth leader shared a conversation she had with a camper.

A few weeks ago, this camper confided that she was bullied in the last few months because of a recent neurological diagnosis. The camper felt she was pigeon-holed because of that diagnosis. The leader shared her own experience with some of her own struggles and the hope Jesus presented to her during that time.

Fast forward a few weeks later, this camper met up with the leader. The camper expressed her desire to want to be baptized because, “she wants to have Jesus as her label, not that diagnosis”.

It was a powerful reminder for me to recognize how I’m defined. What or who do I want to be defined by? Would others identify by the label of Jesus or something else? Questions that dig to the root of who I am.

So excited that this camper, through this leader, knows who she wants to identify with.

Do you?