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The other day, God struck me with something that was nagging within me. As I prayed, I came to the realization that who I seemed to be inside wasn’t matching what I was either presenting or how others were perceiving me. There was a dissonance that shouldn’t there. Really, my attitude wasn’t in line with God’s and at times I seemed more about putting on a good front vs being integral ie being my whole self.

I needed an attitude recalibration. I needed to take time to have God bring to mind all those sins that were really entrenched within me that needed to be exposed before God. It was a time to repent and allow God to readjust me (like a chiropractor). When he did, it felt like a fresh start.

Every so often, we all need a recalibration. (hmmm, sounds familiar … I think some people call that Sabbath)


Gratefulness and Closure

I realize that I can’t call the shots on a lot of things. On the economy. On my job (should I be fired or downsized one day). Even my death. I also recognize that, when something ends, part of my personality needs closure, or at least to finish well. (I think that’s part of my fascination with watching TV show finales, because I want to see good closure.)

Recently, I’ve had this thought in my mind: since we can’t always plan a good closure, we can prepare ourselves somewhat mentally for those unexpected endings. One way to do that is through an attitude of gratefulness. In gratefulness, I leave whatever situation on good terms. I don’t carry any baggage from that situation. Rather, I leave with a sense of fulfillment with recognition that it is ultimately a gift of God which could change at any time for a number of reasons. I can take have that attitude when I leave work, when I drop off my family at school or when I say good-bye to my friends after hanging out.

If I can leave every situation in an attitude of gratefulness, I leave with contentment and thanksgiving. That leaves me with at least adequate, if not good closure no matter what might change in the future.

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