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My piece of the pie

Yesterday, TTC subways were shut down due major communication issues. Something that struck me was a fact the National Post pointed out: there are still $2.7 billion in repairs still needed for the system. (No wonder the system is falling apart with tracks taken offline, floods, mysterious oozing substances in tunnels just to name a few.)

The fact is, this transit system requires a LOT of work to make it run well. Grant it, some like CEO Andy Byford seem to be trying. Part of the problem is, this is the result from years/decades of neglect from multiple parties. Unfortunately, there are different players at the table who are looking to get their “piece of the pie” without considering the effects on the big picture. This includes workers (in particular unions and its executives), managers and directors, politicians at various levels (especially those who push ideologies for their own re-election benefits, not because it’s the best thing to do) and residents who complain about how much they pay (whether in fares or taxes).

This isn’t just exclusive to the TTC. You can extrapolate this to our current teacher/school board conflicts and to corporations/liveable wages. So many conflicts and issues begin with “I want to ensure my piece of the pie” without consideration of the big picture.

What would it look like if we all aimed at the bigger picture and were willing to sacrifice for the betterment of those around us? Not about “How does this benefit me?” but asking “How can I help benefit you?” Not trying to ensure my own security and desires, but striving to ensure what I leave behind is better than what I came into for EVERYONE (not just my particular association). While it may not solve everything, it would at least move us in the same direction together.

Who’s going to step up for the greater good (or will we continue to just take our piece of the pie)?


Unnoticed Influences

The other day, I saw a man cross the street. He was on the left corner as he went across. However, it was an advanced green, so the cars had the right of way turning left while his crosswalk signal still showed a red hand indicating to stop. He proceeded anyway. Unbeknownst to him, as he started walking, the car in the adjacent right turn lane wanted to turn (since the other cars weren’t yet approaching) but couldn’t because this guy decided to wander in the street while waiting for his crosswalk light to turn green. He never even noticed the right-turning car, but I noticed the driver seething at the idiocy of the man.

The fact is, while he thought he was being more “efficient” in getting across the street sooner, he didn’t even recognize his actions impacted another individual. He probably thought what he was doing was harmless. Sure, no one got hurt, but his “efficiency” stalled another person in their right of way.

Sometimes, our actions impact others without our realizing it. It’s not to say that we need to be hyper sensitive to ensure we’re not intruding on other’s space. But, whether seen or unseen, our actions do influence others. Generally speaking, when we proceed correctly, our impact on others is positive. When we act negatively, it will generally negatively affect others.

Which will you choose?

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