Every so often, I heard some Christians talk about God being in control of everything. We equate this to the concept that God is sovereign over all, that “not one thing happens without God’s approval”. Sometimes, this can be taken to far-fetched extremes. For example, there’s the one story about a guy praying about a parking spot as a sign of God’s will for him to get a donut. Yet is this what it means for God to be sovereign? Does God control everything you do including when you’re taking a smoke or a drag?

It seems some people purport this idea of God’s sovereignty almost being like some kind of cosmic puppet-master. I would suggest that’s a skewed way of defining sovereignty. God shows us how life works best within his parameters of his will. I don’t believe every single action is pre-determined by God, that somehow our main purpose is just to find the “secret, correct” path that God has set out or else we’ve completely messed it up. There’s a different between being all knowing and all controlling. I don’t think God stands back and thinks, “Ah, I missed that one. How did that happen?” He knows what will happen and allows situations to unfold based on the decisions of others. Those decisions actually have an eternal impact. But I don’t believe every single incident is pre-deteremined for us (like what I’m going to have for lunch tomorrow). He allows our decisions to actually have significance in how things unfold. But God already knows what those decisions are and how life will unfold.┬áPart of our task as Christians then is to seek God for the best direction so that our decisions will actually expand God’s kingdom, not obstruct it.

Is God a micro-manager? I don’t think so. But there isn’t anyone else I would trust to give me direction. Period.